Posted by: James Shannon | June 30, 2012

Photo: Sublime Scene On Kalamalka Lake, Near Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

 Overlooking Kalamalka Lake from the north end, near Vernon, British Columbia.

Real estate prices in British Columbia are quite high these days … from the Lower Mainland where Greater Vancouver resides, to the snowy slopes of Revelstoke, to the hippy paradise that is Van Island, prospective buyers bring their (bank financed) cash by the wheel-barrel load to stake their claim to their piece of paradise.

As you can see from the photo above, the Okanagan Valley is no different. Featuring gently sloping hills / small mountains, delightfully warm lakes by summer that are a watersport enthusiasts dream, and uber productive farmland that gives rise to fresh fruit and produce of every stripe, as well as copious amounts of alcoholicious wine, there has been a mad rush of people seeking to establish a beachhead in this part of the world.

Combining the above with the spiritually enriching quality of a picture perfect day, and a healthy, lukewarm breeze blowing from the south, causing the sweetgrass to flow like strands of a hair on the head of a Hollywood supermodel, and it may be enough to get you to end your wanderings and plunk down some cash and plan out an executive 3000 square foot house overlooking the whole of Kalamalka Lake … or inconspicuously pitch your tent in some hidden bend of the massive hills rising from these miniature inland seas, enjoying the infinite spoils of Mother Nature, on display in full colour in one of more remarkable places on Earth.


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