Posted by: James Shannon | June 28, 2012

Traipsing Through Yarowat, Bangkok’s Chinatown

 A rare moment of personal space while walking through the often single-file narrow traditional streets of Yarowat, Bangkok’s Chinatown, reputed to be one of the world’s biggest.

After passing through the capital of Thailand seven or eight times over the past two years, I was beginning to wonder if I had seen all the major highlights that this bustling megalopolis had to offer…

…clearly I was wrong, as Yarowat, one of the biggest Chinatowns outside the mother country on the planet, contained plenty to arouse my interest … in eating, that is!

 Even as I attempted to negoiate my way through the crush of shops and humanity in the narrower old parts of town, the vendors still managed to tempt me with a cone of ice cream. It worked.

 Out on the major throughfare Thanon Yarowat, finally a little bit of elbowing room! Much better!

 A gargantuan bag of mushrooms … no word on whether they were the special kind, but Shaggy from Scooby-Doo would probably be salivating! 😛

 The famous orange juice vendors at work in Yarowat, and for good reason … think you know what orange juice is supposed to taste like? Come to BKK and buy a small bottle for 20 baht ($0.67) and you’ll never look at that carton of Tropicana the same way again!

 BBQ duck, why do you tempt me with your juicy flesh? I shall have you over rice and with a bowl of soup, post haste!

 …and before you know it, the time to head back to the hostel had arrived too soon. I had a night bus to Pai via Chiang Mai to catch, but what a bluebird day in the Big Mango!

You may have heard about how bad the forest/brush fire season was in Northern Thailand, but what was it really like? The next photo essay will provide all the visual details!


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