Posted by: James Shannon | April 9, 2013

The Forgotten Beaches of Puerto Galera, Philippines: Aninuan and Talipanan

DSCN1089The view from above: White Beach, one of Puerto Galera’s most trafficked strips of sand, lies about 50 feet below the mountain road wending its way towards the northern apex of Mindoro Island. My personal trike driver and I were off to see the most remote beaches in the Pureto Galera area, Aninuan and Talipanan. Incidentally, they were rumoured to be the best…

With the cultural highlights of Northern Luzon calling my name, I had one more day before hopping back on the ferry to the big island. Talking the owners at Badladz, I inquired about any other beaches I had to see before departing. They mentioned two: Aninuan and Talipanan beaches, located almost at the tip of Mindoro, where few tourists bother to tread.

For me, this was a fortuitous stroke of luck, as these slices of heaven were what I was searching for when I struck out from Manila a week prior … tropical serenity and solitude.

DSCN1093Aninuan Beach was first on the agenda … aside from one resort on the southeast end, it was everything that it was billed to be…!

DSCN1095… but first, let’s meet my tour guide for the day …

DSCN1096…and the dirty-haired foreigner he had to put up with for an afternoon 😛

DSCN1101Hardly a soul to be seen…

DSCN1105Honestly … perfect white sand beach in the tropic, backdropped by a high mountain range, crowned by puffy clouds … what more would you want in a tropical hideaway?

DSCN1108After a moment of zen that lasted fifteen solid minutes, we eventually pressed on to Talipanan beach … again, just one resort here, catering to your every need, a world away from the zoo that is Sabang…

DSCN1118Alas, not every beach resort venture is a success … the skeletons of bungalows past sit back in the palm trees at Talipanan beach.

DSCN1121Further on down the beach, the concrete shell of another failed operation sits like a sentinel on the shores of the Verde Island Passage…

DSCN1126A little street art adding some grit to paradise…

DSCN1132Here’s hoping this place gets revived again someday … though it seems a bit close to the water … typhoon season must take its toll on places like this!

… and with that, you have just read the last official post on this site! Nonononono, don’t worry … Pursuit of Excitement isn’t ending, we’re moving house! The new website for The Pursuit of Excitement is up and running! While design changes are still forthcoming, and I still may move over some posts from this site to the new one, it is now open for business!

Head on over and and sign up for the newsletter, as the e-mail subscription that you are likely reading this post through will not carry over to the new site. I will post a direct link to where you can sign up for the new site on Thursday/Friday, so you won’t miss a thing.

I’m really excited about this shift, and as always, you are all welcome to comment what you like/dislike about the new site, and what you would love to see me cover as we move forward. See you all at!



  1. beautiful indeed..It really is.=)

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