Posted by: James Shannon | March 28, 2013

Puerto Galera Town: Basketball Games, Candy-Stuffed Convenience Stores And More!

DSCN1077The jeepney (disused Jeeps from the US military that are used for local transport throughout the Philippines) that brought me back from Sabang, sits on a street corner in Puerto Galera town.

Freshly arrived back in Puerto Galera town, it was still too early to go back to Badladz and salt away the evening with Red Horse, San Miguel, and my laptop while working on this blog (super amazing standalone website coming this Spring, stay tuned). So I decided to wander away from the hotel and see what the main town located along the Strong Republic Nautical Highway was like…

DSCN1075The serendipity inherent in wandering randomly kicked in right away, as I stumbled upon a school basketball game, played in an open-air gymnasium.

DSCN1080The bustling main drag in Puerto Galera town.

DSCN1144I poked my head into a Filipino convenience store to grab a Coke, when I happened upon the treat shelf … Pinoys have a massive sweet tooth, just like me 🙂

DSCN1149Making my way back to Muelle pier, I noticed some old cannon flanking a wood cross … brilliant photo opp, if I do say so myself!

DSCN1082The ferry boat I came in on several days prior, sits at anchor in Puerto Galera’s harbour, voted one of the most beautiful bays in the world. In the near future, I’ll have some sunset photos to share that confirm this proclamation.

DSCN1159My day ended on a most salivating note, eating a plate of nachos that made my tastebuds sing, at Badladz resort’s amazing restaurant!

Over dinner, someone at the hotel informed me of much quieter, and quite frankly, better beaches to the west of White Beach. With my mission for the next day set in stone, I finished my delectable dinner, worked on my site a bit more, fooled around on the net afterwards, then retired to my room to watch Pulp Fiction (oh yeah, did I mention Badladz has Cable TV?)

At least until a power outage ended my night decisively. The fates have a way of looking out for you, making sure you get your sleep! 😛



  1. I have been there. On my blog there is a menu button in the header, “Paradise”. In the drop down click on “Pacific Islands”.

    • Nice man, it is truly an amazing place to go snorkeling/diving eh?

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