Posted by: James Shannon | March 26, 2013

Strolling Around Sabang, Puerto Galera’s Foreigner Hotspot

DSCN1015View from the taxi drop off point, in the centre of Sabang.

With my tour of the family-friendly, Filipino hotspot of White Beach complete, it was time to turn my attention East, to the Westerner enclave of Sabang. Located at the base of a steep coastal promontory, it is home to countless resorts, diving outfits, and by night, a scintillating nightlife. Despite its reputation as a sleazy place, I found it to be quite the stunning little town…

DSCN1021Sabang’s waterfront, backed spectacularly by coconut palms…

DSCN1037An array of tropical flowers adorn the frontage of a resort on Sabang’s waterfront.


DSCN1044One of the more unique attractions of Sabang: swim-out bars, complete with slides! I’m gonna have to spend a few nights in this town next time I’m in the Philippines, just so I can try these places out!

DSCN1051In the main harbour area of Sabang, the beach is extremely thin or non-existent. But follow this path around the headland to the west and…

DSCN1063… you can find a strip that is more usable. Having said that, this area is more of a diver’s haunt than an actual beach destination, in all honesty.

DSCN1070Heading back into town, I took a path back via the hill, and found this rather creative swimming pool πŸ™‚



DSCN1073Travelling through the labyrinth-like passageways of Sabang Town, we stumble across some Filipino food stalls … alluring, but on this day, I felt like a pizza. Bad James! Bad! BAD traveller! πŸ˜›

Overall, my impression of Sabang was a favourable one, despite the lack of a true beach, and not being around at night to get a sense of the infamous nightlife. The aspects of the latter don’t appeal to me greatly, to be fair. It may have ten, or even five years ago. I’m more of a have a few beer in the local pub guy than the wild-eyed, 12+ beer bar star guy. Purely personal preference.

But I digress.

Ever been to Sabang? How’s the life at night? Fill us in by commenting below!



  1. Beautiful !

    • The Philippines are a dark horse in SE Asia, and Puerto Galera is off the beaten track within that country! Truly amazing!

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