Posted by: James Shannon | March 21, 2013

The Filipino’s Secret Beach Getaway: White Beach Near Puerto Galera, Philippines

DSCN0932Gorging myself on Filipino-style sausage fried rice back at Badladz Resort. As I dined, I plotted my excursion to White Beach, Puerto Galera’s most popular beach the next day.

While I enjoyed my walkabout of the immediate vicinity of Puerto Galera, the truth is, most of the big sights and attractions in the area are fairly spread out. Hence, the need to hire a trike (the Filipino version of everyone’s favourite local transport option in SE Asia, the venerable tuk-tuk) to get farther afield.

The primary target of following day’s explorations: White Beach, the most popular strip of sand on Mindoro. Lying within a half day’s journey from Manila, it isn’t hard to see why. Especially when you get to see the photos that I took for you below…!

DSCN0940After walking through a slightly sketchy alley (for a Westerner at least), I broke through to the beachfront.  Not too shabby!

DSCN0943Behind me lay the usual assortment of budget hotels, resorts, restaurants, and trinket vendors that one might expect at a popular beach destination. What makes this place unique is its focus on Filipino beach goers, as opposed to foreigners. Hence, the eateries feature many Filipino food options, and the budget hotels feature family rooms, which comfortably accommodate 4-6+ ppl per room, making it useful for travelling bands of backpackers looking to save a buck!

DSCN0955After a day trawling the coral reefs offshore looking for Nemo, divers staying in the White Beach area frequent bars like this one, located at the Western end of White Beach.

DSCN0960Looking to escape the crowds and explore the coastline? Rent a boat and paddle off into the deep blue horizon … who knows, maybe you’ll find a secret cove to snorkel in, and have it all to yourself!

DSCN0962The sun beats down intensely on White Beach, making me crave a swim in the ocean…

In order to make that happen though, I needed a strip of sand a little more private. I was carrying around a camera I didn’t wanna lose, so was I out of luck? Nope. Just head East down the beach from the main commercial strip and…

DSCN0975…After walking for about ten minutes, you reach an area where there is no development at all…

DSCN0978… just you, your friends, and the sun, surf and sand. With some gorgeous mountain views to boot!

DSCN0982Time to go for a dip! While the water was just fine, it is colder than the Gulf of Thailand. Still, it was just the ticket on a blazing hot day in the middle of the Filipino summer!

The one irritant to my day was that I had an appointment with my trike driver to take me back to Puerto Galera … I wish I had a motobike so I could come and go as I wished! Lessons for next time … live and learn!

The next adventure on Mindoro: we visit the big foreigner hangout in the Puerto Galera area. Aren’t I already there, you say? Nah. The place where I’m staying, Muelle pier is small, quiet and in bed by 11. Sabang is loud, brash, and controversial. Don’t miss it!


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