Posted by: James Shannon | March 14, 2013

Let’s Go Sailing! A Ferry Ride To Mindoro Island (Puerto Galera) In The Philippines

DSCN0850Safety first: lots of life jackets available on the outrigger ferries heading to Mindoro Island in the Philippines.

Finally, after a full week in concrete jungle of Manila (but an uplifting, enjoyable one), it was time to get my sweating ass off to a white sand beach. With 7,107 islands in the Philippines, there ought to be a few out there, don’t you think?

So, with time limited before my flight home to Canada, I opted for a large island three hours due south of the capital. Mindoro was the destination of the day. Time to hop on a boat!

DSCN0855Leaving Batangas port, we were on an outrigger ferry, as the pontoons on the exterior of the boat demonstrate.

DSCN0856Out on the open ocean, traversing the Verde Island Passage…

DSCN0860…when the seas get kinda rough! Down go the flaps!

DSCN0868About 90 minutes, we pass by villages on Paniquian Island, just off the main island of Mindoro. Must be a peaceful way of life…!

DSCN0865Not long after, the immense scale of the main island rolls into view … breathtakingly beautiful!

DSCN0875Safely on shore at Badladz resort in Puerto Galera, Philippines, and enjoying an outstanding Mexican lunch (Badladz is partly owned by a Canadian). I was having an amazing day at this point! 🙂

Comfortably situated among a cadre of divers, mind blowing food and cold beer, the stage was set for an epic week on an island most people have never heard about. In the next several posts of come, you will come to know this place very well!


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