Posted by: James Shannon | March 12, 2013

Night Market Action + The Where 2 Next Easter Hostel Party – Manila, Philippines

DSCN0755Cruising a night market close to Where 2 Next Hostel in Manila. My time in the Filipino capital was drawing to a close, as my post-Easter trip to the island of Mindoro drew closer…

As Easter Sunday, and the subsequent holiday season for most middle-class Filipinos loomed large in the distance, it was time to set my travel plans in stone. With Holy Week jamming transport and tourist destinations, I was stuck in Manila until after Easter. Afterwards though, it would still be quite busy, despite the slight dropoff in numbers. Hence, I decided to head south – not to Boracay, which involved a flight and the possibility of being jammed in with both the local and foreign hordes, but to the island of Mindoro, three hours south of Metro Manila.

Here lay the less vaunted, but still spectacular resort towns of Puerto Galera, White Beach, and Sabang. As eager as I was to recline on the sands of a tropical isle, there was the matter of the present. A night market that had been recommended to me, as well as a celebration of Easter Sunday itself back at Where 2 Next Hostel…


DSCN0758Delightful displays of produce, as you can see … way tastier and healthier than the pesticide laden stuff back home, let me assure you!

After a brief visit, it was time to head back to the hostel to put on my party hat…!

DSCN0843…which evidently involved pink bunny ears. Fun!

DSCN0841Filipino style spaghetti? Check. A dessert involving coconut milk, noodles, and jube candies? Check. Pinoy rum? Double check!

DSCN0846Good and buzzed? Time for some games! How about carry the egg on a spoon? Yeah, that’s sounds like an awesome idea! Poor eggs. 😦

DSCN0849It’s been a slice Manila! I’ll hip-hop my way back sooner than I know it! 🙂

Time to get out of the city … Mindoro (one of 7,107 islands in the Phils!), here we come!



  1. Seriously, that’s the name of your hostel? I haven’t seen that one and I live in Manila. I think the dessert you’re referring to is buko (coconut) salad.

    • It opened 18 months ago in Malate … thanks for ID’ing the dessert, it was super tasty! 🙂

      • That’s why I don’t know about it. 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed the dessert. Some people don’t like the taste of coconut meat.

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