Posted by: James Shannon | March 6, 2013

A Stroll To The Mall Of Asia, Through Metro Manila In The Philippines

DSCN0810The Where 2 Next hostel crew and I dine on some ginger-fried chicken in a tent restaurant just down the street from where we were staying…

After taking in some Filipino culture the previous day, attending Good Friday services at San Agustin Church in Intramuros, we decided to swing to the exact opposite, walking through Manila to the cavernous Mall of Asia, as it had a reputation as one of the grandest temples of consumerism in all of Southeast Asia…

DSCN0811First things first though. I cleaned my plate of the aforementioned Ginger Chicken … this is a seriously tasty dish, go check it out whenever you hit the sultry streets of Manila!

DSCN0812How a Quebec license plate ended up on the wall of a tiny family-owned restaurant in Central Manila is beyond me … lends credence to the belief that we live in an ever-shrinking world these days!

DSCN0823The sailboats at anchor in a marina on Manila Bay highlights the affluence of this country…

DSCN0824…while a collection of shanties of the shores of the same bay, within view of the same marina underlines the income inequality that has plagued the Philippine’s reputation for years.

DSCN0830Getting closer to the Mall of Asia, an insight into one of the major drivers of the growing Filipino middle class: a massive call centre complex overshadows those passing by, granting substantially better paying jobs than those that had previously been available in the past.

DSCN0834Just one insight into the financial decadence of the Mall of Asia: a fully functional skating rink, in a country fully within the tropics. Cool! šŸ™‚

DSCN0838Outside, a giant ferris wheel affords awe-inspiring views of the Metro Manila area and Manila Bay. Didn’t hop aboard on this day, will have to try it out next time I return!

DSCN0837Looking back upon the Central Business District of Manila from the Mall of Asia … Manila is truly a megalopolis that commands attention, and will increasingly do so in the years to come!

Next post, we wrap up our time in Manila with a trip to the night market, and a proper celebration of Easter, Pinoy style!



  1. welcome to the Philippines, (or was it rather late?) glad you went visited our country šŸ™‚ Manila is a two-face of consumerism in progress and poverty at the same time.

    • My trip to the Phils was back in April 2012, can’t wait to go back!

  2. I’ve never been to Philippines, but I would love to visit! I am sure this place is great! You have a nice blog, James, and some lovely photos! Keep it up!

    • It surely is Alyona … just wait until I start posting about the places outside the city! šŸ™‚ Thanks for your kind words!

  3. Funny. I just went to MOA (mall of asia) yesterday. You forgot to mention that the mall also have fake snow drops once in a while. Weekday unlimited pass is around $8.

    MOA eye is the second largest Ferris wheel in the country, but nothing really fancy about it.

    • Didn’t know about the snow … that’s cool, huh huh huh šŸ˜›
      The wheel looks cool, it will be done next time!

      • I hope you enjoy it šŸ™‚

  4. nice travel;’s the sisig?

    • Honestly, I didn’t get around to having that dish … will have to next time in the Phils!

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