Posted by: James Shannon | February 13, 2013

Photo: Diving Boats At Anchor – Koh Nang Yuan, Off The Coast Of Koh Tao, Thailand

diving boats off Koh Nang Yuan, ThailandDiving boats lie in wait for their patrons, as viewed from the highest point on Koh Nang Yuan, Thailand.

Most people come to Koh Tao for the world class diving, and the super cheap certification courses that accompany it. Being in more of a beach bum mood whilst I was in the area, I instead opted to lounge on the sands. In order to work up a sweat for a truly satisfying swim, I did the very popular Koh Nang Yuan Viewpoint hike. A couple hundred feet below, while I caught my breath, and wiped the thickening film of sweat from my now-shirtless body, diving/snorkeling boats plied their trade in the aquamarine waters below.

While I did enjoy the physical exercise that the hike provided, and the mind blowing views that were the ample reward for my labours, the sight of those colourful ships made me long for the world beneath the waves. It was a plan I made in my head, but one that had to be abandoned, due to a nasty sunburn brought about by this day spent soaking up the sun in the Thai tropics.

I will be ticking this off my list when I visit Southern Thailand again, and I can barely wait to see the multi-coloured spectacles that await me in these highly recommended reefs!



  1. Wow! Koh Tao is certainly gorgeous. I can’t believe I’ve yet to visit there given how many times I’ve been to Thailand.

    • It certainly is, just don’t get horribly sunburned like I did on this day, and end up cancelling your snorkeling trip through some of the best waters in Thailand as a result #fail

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