Posted by: James Shannon | January 23, 2013

Photo: A Wintry Scene on Maligne Lake…

PA view on the Maligne Lake boathouse on a cold and snowy day…

Being located at the heart of the Canadian Rockies (quite literally, as Jasper National Park is roughly the halfway point of the famous mountain chain, between Glacier National Park (US) southern terminus, and the north end of the range in Northeastern B.C.), the weather can be a very fickle thing at Maligne Lake. Add the elevation of 5,500 feet or 1,700 metres to the mix, and one could excuse you for not knowing how to dress in the morning prior to your visit one of the world’s best lakes.

Having briefed you on this, any guesses to the timing of this photo? May? September? June?

Nope, nope, and nope.

Try July 12, 2010.

Oh, and it snowed the next day also, for a grand total of 22 cm (about 9 inches) of snow. It got even better for those challenging the nearby Skyline Trail during the supposed best time of year to hike … at an average elevation of 7,000 feet (~2,200 metres), they got 35-40cm, with wind whipping the snow up in the alpine into drifts 1 metre high (3 feet +).

So those of you who think you can leave your sweaters and coats at home because you feel silly bringing them on a summer vacation, well, you have been warned! 😛



  1. Cool picture. Looks like a nice place there 🙂

    • Maligne Lake is definitely a magical spot in the world … I assure you though, the weather in the Summer is normally much warmer than that 😛

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