Posted by: James Shannon | December 23, 2012

Royal Palace + Independence Monument, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

DSCN0558The entrance to the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh … $3-ish dollars to get in, but $6 if you have a camera … lol Cambodian pricing schemes 🙂

Like Thailand, Cambodia is a constitutional monarchy.  As such, there was a palace in Phnom Penh, begging to be explored…

DSCN0560Obligatory outdoor passageway shot…

DSCN0562Beautiful courtyard…

DSCN0575Gorgeous garden…

DSCN0591The latter parts of the day allow for an excellent photographic opportunity, as dark shadows encase the upper spires of the Royal Palace.

DSCN0600After the brief tour of the Royal Palace (not as extensive as I wanted it to be due to photographic restrictions on half of the grounds), I came upon the lawn leading up to the Independence Monument...

DSCN0603I think China has a little influence in the inner workings of this country lately (just a hunch)

Sorry about the scrappy nature of this post, but after more than one month of inactivity on the blog, I had to get back in the game. As for why I’ve been away … I’ve been actively planning the next big move in my life, which shall be announced soon, as well as ferreting out the details for moving this blog to its own domain separate from sometime in 2013. Exciting times folks, stay plugged in for the latest!


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