Posted by: James Shannon | October 28, 2012

Exploring Phnom Penh With Newly Made Travel Friends

Consuming a delightful lunch of Spaghetti Bolongnese at the 88 Backpackers in Phnom Penh.

The night previous, I hit it off with a pair of traveling English teachers on holiday from South Korea. Today, we would hit the sultry streets of Phnom Penh, to embrace the experience of simply being there.

David, Luke and the group gathered on a rooftop bar of the hostel where one of their friends were staying in town. The 88 Backpackers is very nice, but I would have been quite happy staying at this place myself!

A hammock to stretch out in and while away a sweltering hot season afternoon…

… while life passes by in the bustling city below.

Just a killer spot to chill out, play pool and have drinks in the midst of the controlled chaos of Cambodia’s capital … wish I still remembered the address!

Later, we achieved what we initially set out to do … go see everyday life unfold on the streets of PP … and we find plenty of it at a day market, where we find a meat vendor promoting various cuts of carnivorous pleasure…

All kinds of foodstuffs, so many possibilities!

The suns starts to sink towards the horizon after a very fulfilling day in the capital. PP’s first skyscraper is visible in the background, while a much larger structure in under construction in the foreground.

What to do when dinner time rolls around in Phnom Penh? Go out for Mexican, of course! For being as far away from Mexico as you can get in the world, the food was surprisingly good. We went during Viva’s (located on Sisowath Quay in the popular Riverside sector of the city) happy hour … $1 tacos, $0.50 Angkor Draft … total cost for a party of 9? $45. Wow.

The only proper way to end off a busy day of sightseeing and socializing with a newly minted group of travel friends? Check out the night scene! First, we sampled a Cambodian style kareoke bar … eventually, the group left though, due to the total lack of English sings to sing! 😛 Later on, we went to the alternative themed nightclub called The Heart of Darkness. I left my camera at home … it was quite the eye opener (but a smashing good time)!

A little anxious to see the proper sights of Phnom Penh? Fear not, as such content is coming up in the next couple posts … stay cool my babies (with apologies to Conan O’ Brien)! 😛



  1. A party for 9 for only $45 is pretty unbelievable!

    • hard to believe, but it’s true!

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