Posted by: James Shannon | October 2, 2012

Nightlife On Koh Rong: Klangs, Fire Dancing, And Home-Invading Geckos!

The porch of my beach bungalow on a sultry, humid night … time to hit the Monkey Island Bar for some beverages!

After a long day hiking over the inter-island mountain range in search of beach heaven (and finding it, thank you very much), it was time for some libations to sooth the day’s sore muscles and sunburnt skin … off to the Monkey Island bar we go!

A member of Monkey Island’s local Khmer staff feeling the party vibes as the evening transpires at the backpacker’s resort bar. Klang, the local beer, goes for about $0.75-1.25 USD … just to give you professional lushes out there an idea of what’s possible at this outpost in the middle of tropical nowhere!

Firepots lay open for anyone to use to impress their fellow guests with their fire-twirling skills … or to induce the laughter of said friends as they give themselves second-degree burns in their drunken attempt to do so!

Whew, all that Klang has me down for the count … time to go to bed! Let’s head back to the bungalow to lay dow-

-AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! This is the type of gecko you DON’T want in your bedroom. While there much smaller green cousins eat mosquitoes, make kissing sounds when they call out, and generally do a great job looking cute, these guys look menacing, and will BITE you if you get too close … if you hear a loud err-ooo, err-ooo sound coming from the walls of your straw bungalow, you have one of these bad boys bunking with you! :S

Once I managed to shoo my unwelcome house guest back outside, I laid down underneath my mosquito net and called it a day. Yes, that is a second bed across the way, meaning you and a buddy can split the cost of this $20 bungalow, freeing up even more $$$ for MORE Klang! Everyone’s a winner!

Next up on deck … one last return to Four Mile Beach … at high tide!


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