Posted by: James Shannon | September 15, 2012

Beach Bliss Defined In Images: Long Beach (AKA Seven Mile Beach), Koh Rong, Cambodia

beach at Koh RongEmerging back onto the main beach at Koh Rong, after a relaxing afternoon exploring the nearly empty Four Mile Beach. Little did I know that the following day, I would encounter a stretch of sand even more desolate, sublime, and enchanting than the one I just experienced…

After an afternoon spent wandering around aimlessly in a shallow, warm, aquamarine bay, taking in the timeless solitude of Four Mile Beach, I was told over beers at Monkey Island Resort that evening that an even more ridiculous beach lay over the small mountain range that constitutes the backbone of the island. There, on the other side of the isle was Long Beach, a seven mile stretch of sand that had exactly one guesthouse resting on its shores. The rest of it … pure, mind-melting awesomeness. Alright, enough foreshadowing. Let’s get to the photographs that have you booking your air tickets to Cambodia before you even finish reading this post…!

jungle hike over Koh Rong mountainsBefore I could lounge and luxuriate on some of the finest sands on this planet, I had to work for my reward. A trail leads from the Khmer fishing village near the main dock at Koh Rong, up over the mountain range and over the other side. The trail is a steady strenuous climb, with heavy brush near the summit of the ridge, and then a precipitous drop down the north side of Koh Rong. Ropes are available to brace your descent, and aid your climb on the way back. There are also poisonous snakes that are present in the jungle, so be wary of where you are stepping at all times. If that scares the beejesus out of you, you can hire a fishing boat to take you around the island to Long Beach for a fee.

ocean view on Koh RongAfter walking past the small presence of the Broken Heart Guesthouse, this view greets you upon arrival at Long Beach…

beach at Koh Rong, with rocksMore aimless wandering in shallow water, in the midst of rocky outcroppings situated at the west end of Long Beach, near the Broken Heart Guesthouse

jungle meets the ocean on Koh RongWild jungle meets the heavenly waters of Long Beach, Koh Rong, Cambodia.

washed up rubbish on Koh RongIt’s not all peachy keen at Long Beach … due to trash dumping by Thai and Khmer fishing vessels, a great deal of detritus washes ashore on the north coast of Koh Rong. It’s not a huge mess everywhere, but just keep in mind that beach pollution can be an issue not just here, but throughout Southeast Asia. It’s annoying, but try not to let it ruin your overall experience!

boat anchored on beach at Koh RongLooking East at Long Beach, Koh Rong, Cambodia. If you chose to take a boat here, this is the view that awaits you upon arrival…

school of fish close to beach at Koh RongOH NO! AN OIL SLICK! Wait, that’s no oil patch…

school of fish disperses when man swims into it… that’s a school of fish, as this gentlemen from Quebec demonstrates. The fish disperse from their tight formation, seemingly evaporating into the tropical waters.

lobster trap washed up on Koh Rong BeachWhen beach bums die, this where they end up … don’t you wish you could spend the afterlife here? Fortunately you don’t have to wait until death to experience this, hop on a plane Cambodia and soak up this scenery for yourself!

Next time, we wrap up the odds and ends of this unique and special place … hope you’ve enjoyed Koh Rong thus far! Feel free to comment below with any questions you might have about the island … I would love to help you clear up any concerns or questions so you can plan the vacation/trip of a lifetime to this amazing isle…!



  1. Amazing commentary as usual,hon ! The scenery is gorgeous as well! Love you !!

    • Thanks Mom!

  2. Please tell me this is a dream! The water is the clearest I have ever seen in my life. Not even the waters in Thailand are this clear. I been to most Thai islands and most of the sands are quite brown, yellow, golden! But this is pure white!!! wowww!!

    • I couldn’t believe it myself when I stepped off the ferry … it is worth all the trouble in the world to make it to these shores. If you’re thinking about going, JUST DO IT. šŸ™‚

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