Posted by: James Shannon | September 8, 2012

Pure Perfection: Four Mile Beach, Koh Rong, Cambodia

Wouldn’t you like to chill out and relax on a beach bungalow deck like this one? I did for four idyllic days … it was pretty rad.

After leaving you guys with a brutal cliffhanger last week, the time has come to see the full, unobstructed view that I enjoyed from my deck every morning during the time I spent on Koh Rong. Care to take a look? Scroll to the photo below, and prepare to have your socks blown off!

No, I did not use Photoshop to get this effect … the blue water really is this vibrant…

Now join me on a stroll down the beach to our first destination on this wondrous island, Four Mile Beach. As you might guess, this stretch of sand is four miles long, but as you will see in a moment, it may as well be forty miles long, because you and a handful of very fortunate folk will be the only people treading on these silky sands!

Arrival at Four Mile … now where do we lay out the towel??

Aside from myself, this lady was the only other soul wandering around this deserted bay, lost in the shallow and delightfully warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand … just the perfect place to pretend that you just washed up in paradise after a shipwreck/falling overboard from a cruise ship!

Apparently, this island contains a remote monastery where Buddhist monks get away to every so often … just be sure you go out to this isle only when they are not present … the word on the island is that they don’t like visitors!

And just in case you thought I was pulling your chain, and that a l’l person like me could never make to such an utterly perfect beach island, here’s the photographic evidence … hello internet!

Next time on Koh Rong: We hike over the inland highlands to explore the aptly named Seven Mile Beach … if you thought Four Mile was amazing, then stick around…



  1. If you cross to the other side of the 8 mile long beach there will another amazing beach dotted with palm trees! paradise found!

    • Koh Rong is the best place on Earth for beach junkies … thanks for the tip and I will be sure to check this out when I make my way back there, hopefully soon!

  2. Oh trust me this is only the beginning:D This island contains 28 beaches only 5-6 beaches have been explored. I’m looking forward to reading your next post on the 8 mile white sand beach:D

  3. Lovely photos!

    • Thanks for the props … better ones are forthcoming next post!

  4. Wow,wow & wow. What beautiful scenery. I love the colour of the water! Love you!

    • The hue is quite unreal…! Thanks!

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