Posted by: James Shannon | August 27, 2012

One Ticket To Paradise, Please: Journeying To Koh Rong, Cambodia

Sihanoukville slips further from view as my ferry boat to Koh Rong, an lush offshore island ringed by spectacular white sand beaches, plied its way deeper into the Gulf of Thailand.

For over a year since my travel friend Seamus had been imploring me to discover the sweet slice of paradise known as Koh Rong, located off the coast of Western Cambodia. With my Thai visa expired and an intensifying hunger for powder white sand, aqua-green water and fruity drinks eating away at me, it was high time to pay my friend’s favourite island in the entire world a visit.

Over the next few posts, you will see how it then became MY favourite island in the whole world. And then, it just may become yours. It’s that legendary folks. So let’s begin…

A fully-loaded boat of curious first-timers and expectant, hooked returners relaxing/snoozing away the 90 minute journey from Sihanoukville port to Koh Rong.

An introspective traveller takes advantage of a deserted upper deck to take in his oceanic surroundings, amidst the tangle of empty wicker chairs

… while a Khmer crew member takes a well-deserved rest while the seas are relatively calm!

Arrival at Koh Rong … this is the old wharf, picked apart by villagers and the elements, while the new concrete jetty lies out of view behind me. Walking to Monkey Island Bungalows, the sand squeaks like cold snow, singing as I labour over the unstable surface with my 30 lbs of gear in tow.

Relaxing on the deck of my bungalow after check in (2 beds with mosquito nets, and light provided by generator electricity after dark to 1 am, $20 USD/night) … so nice!

Like the view that you can sorta make out through the trees/my hairy legs? Want more? Then stick out, subscribe via Facebook/Twitter/bookmark and check out the posts to follow, as these pictures are not to be missed, especially if you are a beach bum at heart!

I’m such a tease, aren’t I? 😛



  1. Great pictures,James! Absolutely wonderful narrative! You are missing your true calling as a writer !

    • Thanks for the props Mom! As always, it is a work in progress … we’ll see where it leads in the coming months and years!

  2. You are really a good writer I like your way of explaining the things using images it is making your post quite interactive and I am sure every visitor will be waiting for your upcoming post.

    • Thanks for the kind words … sorry I missed it and didn’t reply str8 away, check out the new stuff for better pics of Koh Rong!

  3. Man, that guy snoozing looks relaaaaaaxed. Looks preferable as a job to teaching! Haha.

    • … beach life is a pretty sweet life, but the pay isn’t that great to say the least, likely only a few dollars a day … if you only want for the simple things in life though, like white sand, Khmer Curry, friends, and rice alcohol, who cares about making loads of $$$! Food for thought…

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