Posted by: James Shannon | August 11, 2012

Photo: Heaven Coming Down – Outer Asteroid Belt Of The Calgary Suburbs, Alberta, Canada

The sun breaks through the clouds of the edge of suburbia in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Not the place you’d normally go for fun and excitement … in fact it’s a place I tend to avoid to get away from catching the disease known as boredom. However, even the most drab cookie cutter suburbs can have their moment in the sun. In the case of Hidden Valley, my sister’s old neighbourhood in Calgary, this picture displays in the most literal sense. The heavens appear to open up, shining its radiance upon those with the motivation to pry themselves away from their couch and hit up the outdoors – an increasingly foreign environment – for some fresh air and exercise.

There are more exciting photos that will be posted in the future, but that will have to wait, dependent on when I get stranded files taken off my broken old laptop, currently sitting in my linen closet. I’ll get one of my computer techies friends on the case soon, and then I hope to have access to all my photos back as soon as possible!


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