Posted by: James Shannon | August 9, 2012

Romaneeart Park – A Green Oasis In The Midst Of Old Bangkok

The mid-rise buildings of old Bangkok stand watch over the lush greenery of Romaneenart Park, a delightful patch of greenery in an endless sea of concrete that defines this sprawling megaopolis.

After filing through the many corridors of Wat Pho, I began the sweaty trek back to my hostel on Manachai Road. Beckoning me inside on my way back to the air-conditioned bliss of my dorm room was Romaneenart Park, transformed into a badly needed greenspace from its former life as a prison in 1993. Here, we take the last few glimpses of Thailand off-the-beaten track before hopping countries once more…

A yoga class takes place on the welcoming carpet of green grass that covers much of Romaneenart Park.

A Thai child and his grandfather share a moment by some of the more stunning water features in the park.

Now, for some reason, WordPress decided to turn my picture on its side, so crane your neck 90 degrees and witness a smoggy sunset from a place of calm in a chaotic city – Romaneenart Park.

Next time, we return to Phnom Penh, and then, Koh Rong! It’s about to get a lot better guys, get ready for the next few photo essays…! 🙂


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