Posted by: James Shannon | August 1, 2012

Killing Time In Bangkok: Time To Knock More Items Off The “Must See” List … Wat Po, Yer Up!

train station in Lampang ThailandWaiting for the “speeder express” train in Lampang, Thailand, after taking a bus from Chiang Mai to meet up with it, for reasons unexplained. For the record, the train rolled into the station two hours late…

After a long, extended tenure in Chiang Mai, in which posts were lined up and scheduled to autopost for a month into the future (go me!), it was time to make my way back to Bangkok to catch a plane to Cambodia, where I would give Phnom Penh a second chance, and finally visit the fabled island of Koh Rong, the stuff of backpacker legend these days…!

But first, let’s cover my last few days in the Land Of Smiles!

flooding in ThailandAfter a semi-restful sleep in a largely upright chair, I peered out my window at the plains of Central Thailand. Was looking quite soggy for the middle of the dry season, and I knew why … just a couple of months earlier, I had gotten drenched in a massive downpour on my way to Kanchanaburi! What a difference a year can make…

Niras Bankoc dorm room, Bangkok, ThailandLater that day, I attempted to turn on my SANYO camera, but to no avail, as the lens got stuck halfway between open and shut … in short, another year, another camera gone to heaven. Time to go shopping for a new rig! This image is of my bunk in a new hostel to me, the Niras Bankoc, located on Manachai Road, south of Khao San Road. Cozy digs, and a nice sharp picture to take it in with … got it (a Nikon Coolpix at Power Buy or IT City in MBK Centre for 2,400 baht ($84 CDN) … sweet buy!

Niras Bankoc Bangkok ThailandA vertigo-inducing decent from the second floor of Niras Bankoc hostel … on polished teak no less! I’d say “don’t look down”, but it doesn’t look like we have much choice here! šŸ˜›

Democracy Monument, Bangkok ThailandDecided to get out and see a few things I hadn’t seen yet in the Big Mango … first, up, Democracy Monument …

Wat Po, Bangkok Thailand…and moving right along, we have the famous Wat Po, just down the way from the Grand Palace. I didn’t get here the previous year because I had surf and sand on the mind more than anything else, so I decided to fill this hole on my travel resume, right there and then.

Wat Po, Bangkok ThailandThe many tall spires of Wat Po rise above the temple grounds, inspiring and humbling its denizens below.

Wat Po, Bangkok ThailandBuddha lion says “rawr”! šŸ˜›

Wat Po, Bangkok Thailand, Buddha, BuddhismAnd what temple would be complete without the man himself?

Wat Po, Bangkok Thailand, Buddha, BuddhismWat Po would be just another temple in a Thai city of 13+ million people, were it not for the central attraction: a 30 foot high, 100+ foot long representation of the Buddha in a reclining position, coated in gold leaf. I am fairly jaded when it comes to Buddhist temples now, but this duly impressed me!

One more post with random shots around Bangkok with the new Nikon, and then onward with my triumphant return to Cambodia! G’night all!


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