Posted by: James Shannon | July 28, 2012

Chowing Down In Chiang Mai: A Selection Of Dishes For Your Hungry Eyes!

Starting the day right with the Green Tulip breakfast special … when one is bloggin’ up a storm, one needs fuel to get those fingers walkin’!

With less of an emphasis of doing touristy stuff this swing through Chiang Mai, I was free to indulge on other aspects of my travelling budget. With Northern Thailand’s price points being cheap, it seemed like an unavoidable opportunity to splurge on foods that I don’t eat at home, due to astronomical valuations back in the Western World. Below is a sample of the foods I gorged on after a hard day behind the keyboard… πŸ˜›

Butter chicken over rice with Naan at an Indian restaurant on Ratchadamoen Road, 180-210 baht including drink ($6-7)

Pasta Carbonara with water at a French restaurant, located in a back alley north of the moat, 120 baht ($4) … portion was so big, I couldn’t finish it, but I wished I could, as it was pure sex on a plate, the cream sauce and generous bacon pieces equated to pleasure in its purest form!

Thai dish back at the Green Tulip, full of veggies, and battered chicken and a sweet spicy sauce over rice … about 120-140 baht ($4-$4.70)

Next photo essay will feature the debut of a new camera, as the lenses on the old camera konked out upon my return to Bangkok … the images are nice though, so don’t you dare miss it!



  1. Got to try the Moo Ka Ta if you are still in Chiang Rai πŸ™‚

    • Not in Thailand ATM, but will definitely ask around for it when I return … thanks for commenting!

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