Posted by: James Shannon | July 25, 2012

Photo: Tuk-Tuk Taxi Stand, Bangkok, Thailand

Tuk-tuks lined up, waiting for customers near Silom Road in Bangkok, Thailand

“Hey buddie!” “Hello friend!” “tuk-tuk? tuk-tuk? tuk-tuk? tuk-tuk?” All familiar sounds from the streets of Bangkok, annoying as hell if it’s your first time in the country, background noise if you’re experienced in the ways of these mobile touts. In spite of all these annoyances however, they are convenient, cute, and a national icon of Thailand, like it or lump it.

These guys were parked across from Lub-D hostel on Decho Road in the Silom district, which made late-night proposals to go to Patong (if you don’t know, you’re best off not asking), Khao San Road, exclusive clubs where all the locals go (note: this is often a scam, don’t go) entitely unavoidable.

T’was entertaining though!



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