Posted by: James Shannon | July 19, 2012

Photo: Saskatchewan Glacier, Columbia Icefield, Jasper National Park, Canada

The legendary Saskatchewan Glacier, descended from the massive Columbia Icefield. Covering 325 square kilometres, it is larger than the city of Vancouver.

This post will be short but sweet. The above photo comes from one of the star attractions of the Canadian Rockies, the Saskatchewan Glacier, which is the most famous appendage of the Columbia Icefield, the largest mass of glacial ice south of the Arctic Circle. Its majesty draws in people like nails to a magnet … just take care to NOT walk on the glacier unsupervised, as its surface is striated with deep, cold and deadly crevasses, which have killed many careless trekkers over the decades.

Oh, and don’t forget your sweater … the icy katabatic winds coming down the ice sheet will chill you to the bone even on the warmest of summer days, such is the nature of the micro climate of an area covered in ice 365 days a year…!



  1. Beautiful!

    • It certainly is … come to the Canadian Rockies, it’s way *cooler* in person! (pardon the pun, lol)

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