Posted by: James Shannon | July 13, 2012

Photo: Lake Nestled In The Foothills of Northeastern Wyoming, United States Of America

 A pastoral scene in the vast emptiness of the foothills of Northeastern Wyoming…

On my way to Alberta way back in 2005, I passed through a large swath of the Northern United States. We can thank Hurricane Katrina for this choice of route, as her fury had wreaked unimaginable damage to the Gulf of Mexico oil industry, shutting in production, and jacking gas prices to sky-high levels. In the interests of not going broke due to $1.50/L gasoline (about $6/gallon equivalent at the time in US terms), myself, as well as my Dad, elected to take the southern route through America to save massively on gas, hotels, food, etc (in other words, just about everything).

While part of me longed to see my own country from coast to coast when I was on my way to a distant part of it to start a new life, I embraced the opportunity to see our southern neighbours from one end of the continent to the other. We saw the busyness of the Eastern Seaboard, the down home hospitality of the Midwest, the vast skies of the Great Plains, and in this picture, every cowboy’s dream backyard (next to Alberta of course 😛 ), the rolling foothills, placid lakes, and the sweet solitude of the ranchlands of Northeastern Wyoming.

If you are thinking of just walking away from the madness of the rat race to live off the land, and drink in the powerful, immense beauty of the mountainous, remote West, this might be a great place to start your search!


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