Posted by: James Shannon | July 11, 2012

Chiang Mai Night Market: Music And Hipster Mutts (Also: I Can’t Shoot)

Affected by the smoke in much the same fashion as Pai, a smoke-enhanced sunset bids farewell to the day in Chiang Mai. The smoke varied in concentration throughout my writing-focused stay in Thailand’s second city … this evening was clear enough to still give spectacular views of Doi Suthep…

After a leisurely visit to Pai to visit Katie and enjoy the simple life for several days, it was time head back to the city for some serious blog work. Chiang Mai is great in this regard, it has all the amenities you need to be productive, while boasting acitivities that will entertain you in your downtime.

The Chiang Mai Sunday Market, a behemoth that takes up the entire length of Ratchadamnoen Road in the Old City, at a length of just over 1km long … not only that, but over the years, the markets has spread to a number of other north-south streets and back alleys as well … that’s A LOT of shopping, food and entertainment, my friends!

 Drummers liven up the scene in a photo that looks like a tilt-shift photo without actually being one! NOTE: Most tilt-shifts out there are AWFUL … just my opinion.

 A young Thai girl plays a xylophone-like instrument called a Ranad … simply enchanting music!

 After all that music, I took to a pellet gun range … the end results show that I need to work on my aim if I’m to survive the Zombie Apocolypse! :O

 Hipster dogs, dressed up in support of a charity to help poor dogs … so they can afford to dress up like the hipsters, am I right? 😛

Quite a bit more coming from Chiang Mai, so stick around if you love this city, or if you’re considering a trip to this marvelous place!


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