Posted by: James Shannon | July 9, 2012

Photo: Edmonton City Hall Pool/Fountains + Laptop Disaster Averted … BACK UP YOUR S**T!

 Edmonton City Hall fountains and public wading pool, as shown on a choice summer day in July 2007

Continuing with my quest to expose the hidden gems of Alberta’s capital city, Edmonton, I present to you the wading pool/fountain that is laid out in front of the civic chambers, for all the city’s citizens to frolic in and enjoy. During the many Stanley Cup celebrations that graced the city in the 1980’s, the most joyous of pool parties were had here, with the guests of honour being the best team and the best sports trophy in the history of the world. Epic times!

At this point in the post, you may be wondering where city hall is … and the answer to that question is … the building is so out there and different than any you’ve likely seen in the world, it deserves its own feature. It will likely hit the site in the next week and a half, so if you can wait that long, great!

If you can’t, head to E-Town yourself and check out the awesomeness yourself!

P.S. In the last week, I DROPPED my old computer, rendering it useless, broken LCD display was the end result of that bit of clumsiness (at least). Fortunately, I had backed up all my trip photos from Laos onward in 2010/11, and all trip photos from this winter, as well as My Best Photography folder, so most content that was forthcoming is SAFE. Whew! Take that as a cue, fellow bloggers … you are ALWAYS one hard disk failure, theft, or stumbly misstep away from disaster, losing thousands of photos and vital files! I did lose a bunch of sweet e-books, and older personal photos, of which I’m hoping can be extracted from my old hard drive.



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