Posted by: James Shannon | June 14, 2012

Photo: Spahats Waterfall, Wells Gray Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada

 Spahats Falls, Wells Gray Provincial Park, British Cloumbia, Canada.

According to its slogan upon entering the province, British Columbia is supposedly The Best Place On Earth. While this is a gaudy claim to be making, this corner of North America makes a compelling case in its own favour, possessing natural wonders such as dizzyingly high mountains, verdant and rich farmland that gives rise to world famous vineyards, spectacular lakes, Canada’s only true desert, and a climate in the province’s southwest corner that is one of Canada’s most benign and gentle, beckoning young people and retirees alike to bask in its winter-repelling bubble of warmth (albeit a wet warmth).

Another bullet point in favour of BC claiming the crown of the best place to live upon this Earth: jaw-dropping waterfalls. Case in point: Spahats Falls in Wells Gray Provincial Park. Tucked away in the North Thompson River Valley near Clearwater, BC, this waterfall isn’t even the best cataract in the park. But for the busy traveller, out to explore as much of this epic territory as possible before moving on to the next great adventure, one look at this powerful water feature, it just as well may be, as it is located a scant 10-15 minute drive off Highway 5, the main artery running from Valemount to Kamloops, BC.

When your roadside attraction waterfalls are this gobsmacking, you know you gotta pack your bags and go!


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