Posted by: James Shannon | June 11, 2012

Leaving Koh Tao + Night Out At The Movies At BKK!

  Sailing away from Koh Tao prematurely, due to a nasty sunburn. I was headed to Bangkok to spend some time out of the sun, but with so much left to explore, I will be back to this rocky isle sooner rather than later!

After having a trip to Turtle Island (the English translation of Koh Tao) cut short by illness and then a nasty sunburn, the trip back to the Big Mango began in earnest. Sailing away from the island towards the mainland ferry terminal near the city of Chumphon, you have two options, Seatran (which I was too late to catch), or Lomprayah (more expensive, but an acceptable transportation experience).  We pick up the pics from the journey below…

 Just out of the harbour at Mae Haad, two Thai warships lay at anchor, side by side. The sailors were having a ball on Koh Tao on shore leave, judging from the ruckus while I was in line for the ferry earlier that morning…

 Arrival at the ferry terminal just outside Chumphon. Dock was a little rickety, but that’s Thailand for you 😛

 The train station at Chumphon. My sleeper train didn’t leave that night until 9:30pm, so had some time to wander town. Nothing really groundbreaking … wandered the streets a bit, ducked into a mall, and had dinner and surfed the internet at a foreign food restaurant on the main drag. I’m sure there’s more to the place than that, but I was in transit on this day, hence the lack of more details 😦
 Back in Bangkok, I had a few days to unwind before heading north straight to Pai. Spent some time at the movies, as everyone should on their downtime in SE Asia, if movies are your thing. You get a luxurious experience for a fraction of the price of a similar experience back in the West!

Sheer brillance here … instead of waiting for ages to buy a drink in the concessions stand, just pick it up here and take it to the cashier … you get the usual beverage choices, plus beer! I love going to see films in Asia! 🙂

Next time, we do Chinatown (Yarowat) in Bangkok, properly!


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