Posted by: James Shannon | May 2, 2012

Onward To Koh Tao: No Snow, Sleet, Rain Nor Nasty Virus Shall Stop Me From Showing You This Outstanding Isle!

View from the Koh Phangan – Koh Tao ferry, approaching Mae Haad Town.  I would have appreciated this view much more, but apart from forcing myself to take photos upon arrival, I was sprawled out on the deck, sick as a dog…

After 9 fun-filled days on Koh Phangan, it was time to head north to experience its smaller, rockier cousin, Koh Tao.  Renowned for vibrant coral, suitable for divers and snorkelers alike, it is a standard on the itineraries of many backpackers doing the rounds throughout Southern Thailand…

 Limestone outcroppings, mountaintops soaring from the coastline, and the small port town of Mae Haad looms in the distance.

 In spite of the seeming lack of arable land on Koh Tao, this market in the centre of Mae Haad overflows with various kinds of tropical produce.

 Scrambling over the headland to the north of Mae Haad, we arrive at the village of Sairee, which services beachside tourism.  It has all the amenities one would expect in a tourist mecca, especially restaurants spanning just about every type of cuisine… mmm mmm yummy!

 The beach at Sairee … not the best beach (by Thailand standards, very very high standards!), but still very beautiful when a longtail boat isn’t ripping by! :S

 Koh Tao — a place where memories are made, where dreams are realized…

… but not today for this gent! Dedication to my art notwithstanding, I longed only for my bed on this otherwise spectacular day, such is the misery of the cold with which I was infected.

However, this was to change on the following day, as an island offshore held vistas that will inhabit my imagination until the day I die. How’s that for a cliffhanger ending? 😉



  1. I lived and worked on this island for over a year it is amazing! So jealous, enjoy!

    • I did enjoy it … back in Canada now, but I dream often of the laid-back lifestyle, in an outstanding natural setting!

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