Posted by: James Shannon | April 28, 2012

Photo: Edmonton Skyline In The Depths Of Winter + Site News

Downtown Edmonton, as seen from a trail in the River Valley

With the capital of Alberta experiencing cold and snowy conditions for up to seven months of the year, in whole or in part, and with varying degrees of intensity, Edmonton is unquestionably a winter city. Many people don’t embrace it, preferring to remain cocooned in their R-2000 (a grade of insulation that withstands frigid climates effectively) armoured homes. Others, like me, choose not to let Old Man Winter make them cower in frosty fear, donning their parkas, mukluks, and stylish toques, and get out to enjoy the many bluebird days that cold arctic highs bless the province with throughout the months of January and February.

It was on just such a day that I captured an iconic photograph of my former home, with the North Saskatchewan frozen solid in the foreground, and the gleaming glass skyscrapers standing stark against the foreboding cold in the background. It was an excellent day to be tramping through the River Valley trails, and I consider myself fortunate to have captured such a perfect rendering of E-Town in the midst of its long winter hibernation!

NOTE: Since I have ran into a number of complicating factors since arriving home … among them, bad internet, planning for my imminent return to Calgary, and the fact that the majority of my time in the following weeks will be tied up searching for a place and a job, posts will likely continue to be short and sweet for some time to come. If I can find some time to bang out a longer photo essay, I will. But my time will be consumed by more urgent matters in the very near future, so please be patient. Some of the most stunning photos and video I have ever taken are forthcoming … patience, my children! 🙂


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