Posted by: James Shannon | April 20, 2012

They Don’t Call It Sunset Beach For Nothin’: My Last Evening On Koh Phangan

 After a lazy day curing my Full Moon hangover with a combination of OJ, water, and greasy food, my second to last day on Koh Phangan had come to end with this schintillating sunset.  Pic taken on Ferry Pier Road (where boats from Koh Samui arrive and depart).

After the most epic party experience of my life, it was only natural that Yours Truly took a couple of days to recover from the alcohol and Red Bull-fuelled mayhem that I had undertook on the night of the full moon.  Scanning the town for some last minute photo ops, Mother Nature stepped up to the plate and proved to be more than equal to the task…

 The rougher shoreline of Sunset Beach proves to be a photographer’s dream, particularly in the low light hours of sunset.  Pieces of coral, eroded from dying reefs and washed up on shore, figure most prominently amongst the flotsam on the sands here.

A boat sits at its mooring amongst the sinking sun of Sunset Beach.

 A potential site for romance on a picture perfect evening in Haad Rin…

If one were to attempt to condense Southern Thailand into a photograph, this would likely be a leading candidate for the honour.

Goodnight sun!  Hope to see you again someday soon on these blissful shores!

With all the wonderful experiences I had during the nine days I spent on this action-packed island, what could possibly follow next?  Let’s hop on a boat and see where it takes us … (epic cliffhanger) … next time!


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