Posted by: James Shannon | April 18, 2012

Photo: Impressive Palace/Mansion, Chiang Mai, Thailand

 A massive mansion located in the southwest sector of the old city of Chiang Mai, on Samlan Road.

Throughout my travels in SE Asia, there are often noticeable wealth gaps, usually hammered home by the stunning visual of an obscenely decadent estate, surrounded by ramshackle corrugated tin shacks. While this is a common sight throughout Laos, Cambodia, The Philippines, etc, it is not as egregious in Thailand. Just the same, I came across an impressive home one night while walking back to my guesthouse. I’m told that the gentleman that owns this house is none other than the governor of Chiang Mai province … or is that the mayor of Chiang Mai city? Right or wrong, it seems that this individual has done quite well for himself … so much so that they have earned the 1st annual PoE Baller House Of The Year Award!*

* Probably the only year this prestigious award will be granted, as my porous memory and penchant for ridiculous jokes will likely kibosh further consideration for this hallowed honour. Besides, it’s off-topic. Gotta stick to excitement! Experiences people, experiences 😛



  1. nice !

    • thanks Mom!

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