Posted by: James Shannon | April 16, 2012

In Motion: Sunset Beach — Haad Rin, Koh Phangan, Thailand

If winter is launching a counteroffensive where you live in the Northern hemisphere, the slide towards winter is depressing you in the Southern Hemisphere, or you just need some cheering up no matter where you are in the world, here’s a little full motion beach goodness for you on this fine Monday Morning!

This was shot on Sunset Beach in Haad Rin, AKA the beach nobody goes to because of its more famous cousin on the other side of town. The sand is a little coarser, the bottom a little muckier, but for enduring these minor drawbacks, you gain precious solitude from the maddening crowds in town, and waving palms in the tropical seabreeze.

If this is the beach bliss you seek, look no further!

NOTE: Lately, there have been problems with the videos that I’ve posted, as green lines/interference have appeared on videos that I’ve uploaded. The raw files on my computer play fine without this damage, and I have no idea what is causing this to happen … anybody who has dealt with this issue, let me know so I can nip this problem in the bud!


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