Posted by: James Shannon | April 12, 2012

Full Moon Party Eve: Get Yer Buckets Ready … It’s About To Go Down!

 With only one day left to go before the big night, crowds of party-hearty travellers congest the glistening white sands of Sunrise Beach on an exceptionally brilliant … and HOT day!

After a week of exploring Koh Phangan, making friends on the sands of Haad Rin East, and having gluttonous dinners, followed by epic nights out, it was time for the mother of ALL beach parties!  Oh My Buddha, what would transpire … would I have an insane night of raving and dancing myself into oblivion, or is all this Full Moon nonsense a bunch of hooey?

Well, stop wondering … it was pretty badass!  Check ‘er out below!

 Poolside at Tommy Resort.  If you want to be front row and centre to all the action taking place during your entire stay on Haad Rin, and you have ~$30 a night to spend, this is the place where you wanna be.  Just don’t expect to get any sleep without your (and my) friend, earplugs!

 The piercing sun melts me like an ice cream cone under a heat lamp … it truly was smoking HOT that day!

 A good way to cool down from the sweltering heat in Southern Thailand: play Beersbie!  The brainchild of two Canadians (from Edmonton, small world!), these sporting pioneers take the drinking game cum athletic spectacle wherever they travel in the world.  Whether they are on the beach in SE Asia, or at a music festival in Northern Europe, they take their set of 5 foot poles, and empty beer cans with them, and spread the beersbie gospel!  To keep it simple, the aim is to knock a weighted beer can off its aforementioned pole with a frisbee toss.  Doing so induces your opponents to drink.  Specific rules can be found at the beersbie website!

 Time’s up!  FULL MOOOOOONNNN!!!

 This is where things get hazy…

 Like, reeeealllly hazy…!

 Why I am not a graphic artist?  Because if I did work like this, I would starve in record time!  After a day of beer and bucket consumption, this is the best idea I could come up with on short notice … so … GO CANADA GO! **sheepish grin** :>

 Made it to the beach, after braving a throng of young bucks and ladies that moved through the narrow alleyways at 2 MPH!  Let’s get groovin’!

Tommy Resort: the Full Moon Party version!  It’s an extreme makeover, and I like it!

 One of the many tables with mountains of food, ready to satiate the appeities of many a Full Moon Partier.  If you’re smart though, don’t touch this stagnant sticks of salmonella that have been sitting there for hours on end.  You go to Mr K’s Chicken on Chicken Corner (as profiled in an earlier Haad Rin post), where freshly roasted birds are pulled out of the oven all night long in order to satisfy your drunken noshing desires!  It’s safer and way tastier!

 Busting my ass to trance, house and dance music until the small hours of the morning … definitely a highlight amongst all the throwdowns I have attended over the years!

Now I know you’re saying, “James??  Where’s the sunrise photos?”

Two things.

One, I didn’t make it to sunrise.  Shocking, I know!  I just couldn’t make it … I was sore, tired, weighed down by all the alcohol I drank (despite the presence of Red Bull) that I gave in to my weakness and called it a night at 5 AM.  So close, yet so far.

Two, you don’t want to see Sunrise Beach the morning after the Full Moon Party … it’s sickening.  Pollution on the beach, and in the water, and the stench of puke, urine, and stale beer everywhere.  It’s like the apocolypse, only replace zombies with only slightly less zombified hungover party people!

Next up: the aftermath, or how I spent my last few days before moving on to Koh Tao … don’t you miss it!



  1. Quite a partyindeed! I hope you weren’t too sick.

    • Nah, just your standard hangover … worth it for the party experience of a lifetime!

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