Posted by: James Shannon | April 10, 2012

Photo: Mountains In Hilltribe Country, Northern Thailand

 View from the road to Nambosape, Thailand, a hilltribe village containing members of a Lisu tribe.  Katie and I were on our way there to celebrate Christmas Eve with the villagers, and we had this view greet us on the way in…

The mountain scenery in Northern Thailand is spectacular even at the worst of times; In late December, right after the wet season has concluded, but before the ravages of the dry season kick in and defoliate the trees, and burning fouls the skies, conditions are button perfect for photographers to catch dramatic scenes.

Sunset made such a image possible here, a surreal yet fitting beginning to Christmas Eve, in the tropics on the other side of the world…



  1. Great Writing ! It’s a very peaceful scene.

    Love Mom ❤

    • Thanks Mom! Best enjoyed from November to January!

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