Posted by: James Shannon | April 8, 2012

Photo: Sea-To-Sky Highway, Between Pemberton And Lilooet OR Behold The Awesomeness Of The BC Cascade Mountains!

 A lonely stretch of BC 99, better known as the world famous Sea-To-Sky highway, reaches out into the narrow passes of the Cascade Mountains on a rainy, misty day.

After backtracking with my proverbial tail between my legs, I eventually located the turnoff, poorly marked as it was, to take the Sea-To-Sky highway on its final journey through the Cascades to the BC interior.  I had, in the torrential Pacific downpours deluging my ’99 Chevy Cavalier that day, missed a right turn that I never knew I had to make, and in doing so, I drove 45 minutes to the native community of D’Arcy.  Not the worst turn of events, but at the time, staring at that dead end that manifested itself as a lake, I was furious.  Ego bruised, as I fancy myself as an expert navigator and a skilled driver, I turned on a dime and sped off to make up lost ground.

After making the proper turn another 45 minutes later, throughly embarrassed, but slightly grateful that there was nobody with me to remind me of that fact, my thoughts squarely focused on making it to a town with open motel rooms for the night, a prospect that was getting slimmer by the second, considering that it was 7:30ish at this point.

And then, as I descended from the summit of the first mountain pass into the valley that laid below, this gobsmackingly powerful sight, depicted above, slammed into me like a brick wall of awe, forcing me to stop my mad rush, if only for a minute, and document the raw beauty of the BC backcountry, a pureness that I would not be able to sample until an undetermined point in the future, due to my seemingly urgent quest to secure a 300 square foot pod with a bed and a TV that slightly smelled of old, stale, cigarette smoke.

Sea-To-Sky highway, you have not seen nor heard the last of me.  I will be back next time with the proper assortment of outdoors gear, ready to take in everything you have to offer any guest brave enough to cast off the comforts of the modern world for a few days, risking a few minor discomforts.

For you represent the true British Columbia: Wild.  Untouched.  Ready to be discovered by those bold enough to do so…


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