Posted by: James Shannon | March 29, 2012

Photo: The Modernity Of Downtown Vancouver

 A controversial piece of art (kills me that I can’t remember its name) sits between modern, gleaming skyscrapers in downtown Vancouver.

In July 2007, I set out on my first major road trip since I moved to Alberta in search of an established career in ergonomics.  The stable, fulfilling job never materialized, but in the context of this post, that is neither here nor there. After using a one week block worth of vacation from my unionized ironworker job in Edmonton, I set out for British Columbia, a Canadian province I had never been to, despite its tantalizing closeness.

The journey got off on the wrong foot (or should I say, tire?) when my car battery just died during a rountine refreshment stop in Lacombe, Alberta. After getting towed to Red Deer and car fixed overnight, I eventually reached B.C. two days later (but not before a revelry-filled night in Calgary on the last night of the Stampede), with my mind fixed on one key destination, the ultra modern city of Vancouver.

After parking the car, paying for a Super 8 motel room (I travelled alot more expensively back in those days!), and hopping on the Skytrain, I popped my head out of the underground portion of the transit system, and after walking around the impressive forest of steel, concrete, and glass, I came upon this scene that just shouted “Vancouver!”, in all its essence, distilled into a single photo op.

There will be many more pics from the most exciting urban environment in Canada coming in the future, as it is a city that has its fingers of the pulse of the future, the cutting edge of what’s happening now, and it also happens to be situated in the most stunning natural environment of any city that I’ve seen in the world.

In a nutshell, get off your duff and visit this city: you shan’t be disappointed!


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