Posted by: James Shannon | March 19, 2012

Photo: Main Range Of The Rockies, Athabasca Falls Area, Jasper National Park, Canada

 Photo was shot just metres upstream from where the Athabasca River plunges into a 10 metre+ gorge, on Victoria Day 2007 (Late May for those of you not from Canada, which is most of you 😛 )

For those of you that are putting off coming to the Canadian Rockies, let me add another piece of photographic motivation. The main range of the Rockies rises starkly from the valley floor in the Athabasca Falls area of Jasper National Park, with the valley floor at about 3500-4000 feet and the peaks around 8500-11,000 feet in this area. This makes for dramatic pictures wherever you shoot, and once you add some edits and filters to your pics, the result is a virtual work of art that you could probably sell at your local market for fistfuls of dollars (or whatever fiat currency you deal in)

Don’t you just want to pitch your tent and set up camp in this picture? I sure do!


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