Posted by: James Shannon | March 15, 2012

Photo: Spirit Tree, Autthaya, Thailand

  Spirit offerings encircle a large tree outside a large Buddhist Wat in Autthaya, Thailand.

Occasionally in Thailand, you’ll see trees with coloured scarves and ropes wrapped around them, and sometimes even with offerings placed in front of them. This is because Thais, who are predominately Buddhist, believe in reincarnation, and thus, spirits of former souls can lie entrapped in all sorts of living beings, especially in trees. To keep the spirits happy, and not in discord with the land of the living, offerings are made to keep things in order. You can also see this with spirit houses, mini-houses built to house the spirits who used to inhabit the land in a previous life!



  1. Wow, really interesting! I’m heading to Thailand next year after a trip around New Zealand. Can’t wait!

    • You’ll have a ball here … though I wish I were in New Zealand right now too … epic scenery and cooler temps!

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