Posted by: James Shannon | March 13, 2012

Surprise Festival In Kanchanaburi **WARNING** This Post Will Make You As Hungry As A Ravenous Wolf!

  Some Buddhist monks relax in the shade after another hot afternoon in Kanchanaburi draws to a close … having decided to make for Koh Phangan the following day, I figured my chronicling of the area had finished … boy was I wrong!

Upon returning to Kanchanaburi from Erawan National Park, I made the decision to head back to Bangkok, so I could catch a connecting bus the following day to Koh Phangan. Something funny happened that evening though; I had one of my most memorable evenings in Thailand to date. And as usual, food and the consumption of it played a central role …

 Pad Thai … 30 baht gets you this delicious Thai classic! The stall from which I purchased this culinary beauty was one of dozens plying their trade in the nightly food market, situated on a wide parking lot area abutting the main street in Kanchanaburi, just a block away from the main bus station.

  And for dessert, Luck Ducky Donuts! Really sweet and tasty!

  A rather large Chinese cemetery sits adjacent to where the main Kanchanaburi War Cemetery resides in town … don’t know whether this is also a war memorial or just an ordinary resting place for the Chinese, but damn those headstones are HUGE!

As I made my way down the road running parallel to the Chinese cemetery, I noticed some rainbow-coloured fluorescent lighting hanging from the telephone poles … “whatever”, I thought, this is Thailand, they do some crazy stuff relative to us farang.  Then a pickup truck full of helium cartoon balloons (even Doraemon!) drove by … and then streams, then rivers, then floods of people were walking along the road with me!  Soon it was apparent I had just walked into some sort of festival (for what is a mystery to me even now), and I was the only foreigner in sight … groovy 🙂

 Quail eggs fry in little muffin-like tins … perfect midway snack for the protein obssessed!

 Uhhh, one of those balloons looks like it has a second use … guess which one … and for what? 😉

After a solid entertaining night out of the town as it were, it was time to retire to my baby barn bungalow and prepare for another epic travel day/night/day … next big photo essay will be none other than Koh Phangan, the party capital of Thailand!  It may not appear for week or so however, as I have a bunch of other content that I have been busy crafting over the past week here in Chiang Mai; this will enable me to maintain a consistent posting schedule of every other day, where I have failed before.

Organization FTW!



  1. I did not heed your warning, and now I AM ravenous. Drat.

    • I suppose I should lock up my fridge and pantry then before I go to bed tonight? 😛

      Glad you enjoyed!

  2. I liked it when you joined the parade by chance. 😛
    pretty funny. 😀

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