Posted by: James Shannon | March 7, 2012

The Magical Waterfalls Of Erawan National Park, Thailand

 The local “chicken” bus that shuttled me a bunch of locals and I a hour north to Erawan National Park, home to a series of jaw-dropping waterfalls.

Now that the serious aspects of Kanchanaburi were accounted for, it was time to enjoy some of the natural assets that Kanchanaburi province possessed.  With that in mind, I caught a very colourful local bus north to the gates of Erawan National Park, with my mind keen on enjoying the tiered waterfalls which partially give this corner of Thailand its fame…

The interior of the “chicken” bus … no fowl friends were with us on this trip, though it was worth riding this beast, just for the adornments inside alone!

 Another Doraemon sighting (wait for the post on this guy soon, he is EVERYWHERE in Thailand!)  The famous Asian cartoon character sits among other pool toys, as we draw closer to the waterfalls of Erawan.

 At the gates of Erawan National Park … you pay 200 baht entry, and if you’re a walker, you get a motobike driver to ferry you to the parking lot for free!

 In Canada, we have minimal commercial services in our parks (mostly) to limit the potential for litter and such … here, they have snack bars and swimsuit sales!

 These fish live in abundance throughout the entire waterfall/river system … when you swim in the pools, they nibble the dead skin off your feet … ahhhh, so that’s where the spa fish come from! Mystery solved!

 The first popular waterfall (waterfall #3 to be exact) on the trek … the people under the falls look like they are having fun … I can confirm this, it is a huge rush to have all this water coming down on top of you (it’s more powerful than you think!)  How’s the water?  Cooler than the Gulf of Thailand, but still quite tepid (the water up north in Pai is COLD by tropical standards, to compare it more fairly).

 Along the trail, there were quite a few of our simian friends swinging about … however, the package tourists seemed to not realize that monkeys are WILD animals, and not pets … they kept teasing him, until one who pressed his luck too much got hissed at aggressively … he was lucky he didn’t get bit!

Waterfall #4 is the most popular of the seven along the whole trail, with water flowing over the rocks creating a growth that allows for a very slippery surface, making it a usable waterslide by people, without having to worry about taking all the skin off your backside.  The video below shows the slides in action (and yes, I tried it out myself, sans camera of course!)

With time running short, I made time for waterfall #5; 6 and 7 will have to wait for another day! 😦

 Waterfall #5, I dubbed the spa waterfall, as the tiered pools are shallow and this allows the fish to congregate around tourist’s feet much more readily than in the other pools.  The nibbling was disturbing, yet great fun at the time, if that makes sense…

A fun-filled afternoon complete, I jumped aboard the magical mystery bus once more, heading back to Kanchanaburi City, while glancing at the fattening moon in the sky … what does this portend for my next travel destination?  Stay tuned, and you’ll find out!  Hint: it has something to do with a party…



  1. I have never seen a bus that colorful in my life.. 😀
    and “spa fish” are fantastic too… 🙂

    • Yeah … it looks like it was plucked straight out of central America. The spa fish freaked me out at first, but it is a cool experience! Thanks for commenting!

  2. It’s an awesome looking bus !I wouldn’t mind going down one of those waterfalls myself. I just got off nights this am. I worked 4 ,,,ugh ! That’s why I haven’t commented lately. working a lot.

    • Thought it would hurt sliding down, but it’s really smooth and alot of fun! Don’t worry about not commenting, I know how it is when I work a ton too…!

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