Posted by: James Shannon | March 5, 2012

In Motion: Street Hockey At A Block Party, Jasper, Alberta, Canada

When we travel, we frequently focus on ticking off the major touristic sites like check boxes on a clipboard; however, taking time to wander randomly, especially through non-descript residential neighbourhoods, can yield huge rewards.

You inevitably end up getting exposed to the everyday motions of daily life in the country/region/city of choice, and if you’re especially lucky, you run into festivals, parties, and in this case, one of Canada’s national sports (and the best sport in the world, in my biased opinion :P), hockey!

Next time you catch yourself stretching your travel schedule tighter than the skin on a hand drum, stick in an extra day to explore your destination away from the main tourist streets, so you can find unique cultural treasures and offbeat occurrences that may just be the highlight of your trip!


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