Posted by: James Shannon | March 3, 2012

Photo: White Sand Beach, Koh Chang, Thailand

White Sand Beach, Koh Chang, Thailand

So you’re you’ve worn out of the backpacker scene, or maybe you just want a place in paradise that has all the amenities you would ever need, right at your fingertips?  A plethora of mid/upper facilities ready to cater to your every whim?  Well, on Koh Chang, if these are the things that you pine over, White Sand Beach should be your destination of choice.  Tons of resorts line the beach, and countless restaurants representing a spectrum of cultures (even Mexican) line the main street.

How’s the beach, you ask?  While there are better overall strips of sand on the island in my opinion, the overall experience stills rates very high, except at high tide, where the high fluctuation in water level narrow the beach significantly.  Still, it is a gorgeous piece of sand for those looking for a break from the rigours of modern life whether you call Bangkok, Birmingham or Boston home!



  1. Hows’ the beach? last time I was there is was more like where’s the beach 🙂 – apart from the bit at the bottome where the chinese beach huts were – unfortunately Koh Samed is going the same way!

    • Really high tides have a huge impact on the width of beaches on Koh Chang … with rising sea levels, this will become more of a concern, as you duly note.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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