Posted by: James Shannon | February 11, 2012

Travelling Through Random New Places In Asia = Unreliable, Slow Internet AKA My Latest Excuse For Not Updating … Argh

Hey Kids,


Sorry about the lack of updates lately … between slow connections, no connections, power failures, Full Moon Parties and 24 hour flu bugs, I’ve struggled to get new content on the blog.  Once I’m in a locality that does not have these issues (i.e. Bangkok/Chiang Mai), expect fresh new photos and videos.

Aside from these difficulties, it’s been an entertaining week or so … Koh Phangan was a trip, the parties met up to the hype and then some, but there’s so much more to the place than grooving yourself into ecstasy … from hidden pocket beaches (namely on the East Coast), an expansive culinary scene, and wilderness treks to peaks that soar up to 627 metres above sea level, one can spend a week … or a lifetime on this palm-fringed island and not lack for something to do on any given day.

As far as content is concerned, I will continue to hammer away at finding a reliable, fast connection to get the good stuff up on the site … in the meantime, I wish all you crazy lovebirds out there a Happy Valentine’s Day … to the unattached folks out there, hope you get lucky and find a lonely heart out there!


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