Posted by: James Shannon | January 22, 2012

Five Days Across America OR How NOT To See A Country? Blaze Through, Stopping Only To Eat And Sleep!

 Starting off a big road trip the right way: I made sure to do what I failed to do prior to my departure for SE Asia months earlier … drop in on my little sister and her partner Malcolm in Truro, Nova Scotia.  After not seeing her in person for years, picking up the tab on a scrumptious breakfast was the least I could do!

Six months on from the time I departed Jasper, Alberta, Canada on an epic trip that had no equal in my life to that point, I set out from my parent’s house in Havre Boucher, Nova Scotia, Canada to close the circle on what had been a life-changing experience.  I had one final stop before a 5000 kilometre marathon across the United States of America to make first: a long overdue brunch with my little sister and her boyfriend.  Their spread of food is depicted above …

… while I opted for lunch!  Mmm mmm, chicken fingers and fries! 🙂

Picture of the New York State Thruway from a pedway leading to a Macky D’s on the other side … no time for sightseeing when you’re spending first world money again, and you have limited funds to play with!

Nearing the end of its lifespan, my car decided to break down in South Dakota.  Seated at the desk of the Mitchell, SD Ford dealership waiting for a diagnosis, I noticed a certain political bias in this sector of the country … who needs affordable health care when you can have a shiny new F-150! 😛

But even in a rushed dash across the country, there is beauty … at a fuel stop in Montana, a heart-stopping view of the leading edge of the American Rocky Mountains.  Another reminder of the paradise I was returning to, from the paradise which I had resided in over the winter…

Over the next while (with the possible exception of a theme post or three should the inspiration strike), this blog will focus on my former home base, Jasper, Alberta, Canada, heart of the Canadian Rockies!  Expect info on the town, its attractions and trails, among other things!

I’m headed off to the beach here in Koh Chang, Thailand … wherever you are, enjoy the rest of your weekend … cheers!


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