Posted by: James Shannon | January 20, 2012

Wandering Around Home: Havre Boucher, Nova Scotia

Sorry about the silence of the last few days, as I was more or less in transit over past couple of weeks.  When it wasn’t travel to Edmonton or Vancouver or Bangkok, it was packing up my stuff, eliminating the excess, and recovering from the jetlag that a 14 hour jump induces in a person.

Now that I have arrived in Thailand, I will begin to re-normalize my posting sched, in spite of all the uncertainties that global travel entails.  Today’s entry focuses on the return home to my home village in Nova Scotia, Havre Boucher.  After arriving and decompressing from the longest bout of air travel I had ever subjected myself to, I began to walk about town, in an attempt to capture the place more completely than when I had been here prior to my departure to Southeast Asia…

 My graduation tree, planted in the side yard in front of my parent’s home 13 years on … makes me feel positively old! 😛

Pausing to take in distant snow flurries falling in the distance, over the Gulf of St. Lawrence … the land in the foreground belongs to the Havre Boucher ball field and soccer field, located on the former grounds of the playground of the elementary school used to go to, also long since demolished.

 Taking in an excellent early Spring day in rural Nova Scotia, but I didn’t really appreciate as such … going from +30c everyday to +10c (or less) felt like jumping straight into winter … SE Asia had officially broke my internal thermostat 😦

 On a cloudier, moodier day, I went for a walk along the rail lines that pass through the village … it used to serve as a divisional point for CN, though this line has been passed over to a short line operator 15 years ago, Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia railways…


 Walking the tracks along Havre Boucher harbour, which lies just behind the stand of trees on the left hand side of the rail line.

After  coming upon a worn, muddy track crossing the rails, I followed it to the shore of Havre Boucher harbour…

 A typical Maritime scene: dour, damp sky, a quaint fishing harbour, replete with a old shack, paint peeling at the edges… 

Apart from a post detailing my journey back across the US and A, my posting sched will start to evolve somewhat from the past.  I have a TON of material from my former home of three years, Jasper, Alberta, Canada.  There will be posts outlining some outdoor adventure options, as well as posts covering the town itself.  There will be theme posts cropping up as well, so stick around for those, featuring funny signs, a certain Japanese cartoon cat (and no, it’s NOT Hello Kitty), and so on.  Finally, I will be posting on the new adventures that I will be getting myself into, but these will come in lesser frequency than before, as many of these locales I have been to several times before!  Needless to say, when I hit a new spot in Asia or elsewhere, expect a post within a short period of time afterwards, as I feel that the quality of my travel writing is greatly enhanced when I’m fresh off an experience, as opposed to struggling to remember basic details many months later…!


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