Posted by: James Shannon | December 27, 2011

End Of The Road: Hunkered Down In Hanoi

In the days leading up to my departure from Vietnam, and Southeast Asia, I settled down in Hanoi to relax and reflect on the trip that had transpired over five long months.  New experiences had, fears faced and unmasked as phony, and most importantly, new perspectives gained on life and how it could be lived.  It had been a wild ride, and soon, I would be at my parent’s doorstep again within mere days, ready to tell the tales of a million adventures.

But I also found a little time to do what do best: wander around and try to soak in the essence of the place!  Behold, the final city of the 2010-2011 SE Asian backpacking excursion, Hanoi…!

 Another impressive cathedral near the Old Quarter in Hanoi

  There are interesting ways vendors earn a living on the streets of Vietnam … this man is no exception 🙂

 Catching up on the days news in front of Hoan Kiem Lake, just south of the Old Quarter

 Hanoi may not have as many modern accouterments as its rival in the south, Saigon, there are skyscrapers that are starting to dot the skyline in the nation’s capital, as Vietnam’s economic ascendancy continues.

Not for dinner, just cute puppies!  I simply couldn’t resist taking a snap of these so-cute-it-hurts canines, and their lucky owner!

 Cute overload, computer melttinnnggg dooooowwwwwnnnnnn…..! 🙂

 Art installation near Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi

 It’s Vietnam’s world; we just live in it… 😛

 Entrance to a shrine of sorts on Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi … they were charging an extortionate amount for entrance to the site, and I was all templed out at this point, so I didn’t bother…

One of the only legit Old Quarter photos that turned out … earlier, I tried to take a photo of a merchant woman selling bread, only get a loud “NOOOOO!!!” … message heard loud and clear!  Despite that encounter, this part of town is easy to get lost in … and that’s part of the magic!  Had I not needed to catch a flight home the next morning, I would wandered this part of town for days! 🙂

Final night in town: time for the quintessential Hanoi experience, Bia Hoi!  At dimes a glass, the cheapest way to get hammered this side of the Pacific!

Dô Vô!  (cheers in Vietnamese)

Simply put:  next time … we go home!  To Canada!  And freeze our delicate parts off! Yaaaayyyyy!  See you then!



  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences and photos…I love the photos of the puppies. Adorable indeed! =)

    • No problem … more SE Asian adventures coming soon! 🙂

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