Posted by: James Shannon | December 22, 2011

The Home Stretch: Cruising Through Central Vietnam (Da Nang & Environs)

With time running short, I decided to embark on the mother of all sleeper bus journeys — a gut-busting 17 hour ride through most of Northern Vietnam to the nation’s capital, Hanoi.  Regrettably, doing so meant I had to cut Da Nang and Hue from the agenda (another black mark against short-term/fast travel) in order to make my flight in Hanoi AND have time to decompress before doing so.

This last marathon leg of my SE Asian odyssey started at 2PM however, giving my camera lens a teasing taste of what I was missing, as the Vietnamese countryside whizzed by outside at 80km/h…

 The seemingly endless beach/dunes of Central Vietnam become a construction zone: for at least 2-3 km, there was nothing but concrete, buildings in varying states of completion, and disturbed ground.  In several years, Da Nang will likely be Vietnam’s latest new draw for sun-seeking foreigners…

 The site’s massive parking lot…

 Pristine land in the distance, soon to become part of the same massive development…

 Crossing the Song Han River, with Da Nang city in the background

 Da Nang’s very attractive looking riverfront … wishing I had more slack in my schedule at this point!

 Da Nang’s oceanfront … also quite intriguing, and unlike Nha Trang, not a foreigner to be seen!

 Just gobsmacking scenery in rural coastal Vietnam…

 One of many epic hairpin turns winding and wending their way up the coastal mountains of Central Vietnam … gotta go back and do an easy-rider (motorbike) tour of this country, bus rides are too confining for this gent!

Shortly after that, darkness fell, I switched buses in Hue, I fell asleep on said bus (becoming a night travel pro quickly!), and when the light of dawn broke…

… I awoke in Hanoi, the capital of French Indochina, and now, Vietnam!

Next photo essay, we finish off SE Asia 2010-2011 in style!  Then we go home to Canuckistan (brrrr)!



  1. It has been almost ten years, but I have found memories of my month in Vietnam. Thanks for a brief re-visit.

    • No problem … feel free to click back through the past month or so of posts, as they contain more Vietnam content, from Saigon northwards. Merry Christmas!

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