Posted by: James Shannon | December 9, 2011

Nha Trang, Part II: The Sunnier Side

When I first arrived to the Vietnamese beach resort city of Nha Trang, the weather was loathe to cooperate with me, and the other travellers unforunate enough to arrive in town at the same time as I did.  Rain, dark foreboding clouds, and angry surf does not a beach retreat make!

Despite the fact that I was running out of time (and fast!) in my trip to the region, with scarcely one week remaining before my jet plane back to Canada was to leave … I decided to wait out the bad weather.

And my patience paid off!

 Upon awaking in my third day in town … blue sky!!!  Grabbed the trunks and beach towel, and out the door I went!

 Laid down my towel in the shade of the palm trees, important for keeping cool, and more importantly, for keeping burns to a minimum … the tropical sun starts getting really nasty as April swings around (as opposed to the “winter months”)

 Ahhh yes, much better!  The difference made by the sun in this city is like flicking on a switch in a pitch black room…

 The only thing missing in this shot is a lounger and a Corona Beer, but a 333 (popular brand of beer in Vietnam) and a beach towel will do nicely in their stead, I would think 🙂

 Like-minded travellers do the same as I, blissing out on the white sands of Nha Trang…

 The trimmed hedges, viewed in the bright sunlight versus the dour greyness of the previous two days, look much more stunning, no?

 And look, they even thought of the kids too!

 Vibrant lily pond outside The Sailing Club, a mid-range restaurant by day, red hot nightspot by dark … no matter where or how a party starts in Nha Trang, it always ends up here by the end of the night!

 After emerging from my room after my post-beach nap (rough life I know 😛 ), I formulated my plans for the evening.  The building with the red neon sign is the Red Apple Guesthouse (I think … feel free to correct me), where a number of the ppl I met on the beach earlier that day were staying.  We were to meet at the Ice Bar (more on that in a moment), but first …

 … lets eat some dinner!  Hardly an epic meal time, but I love me some fried rice!

 When I arrived at the Ice Bar (so named because they have a room that is chilled to -8c with an actual ice bar … quite the novelty in the tropics, I guess), the party was well underway.  Tonnes of fun, as you will see in the upcoming video (too late at night to upload it in this post, it’ll be an In Motion post soon enough!)

 I was going to capture some pics from the throbbing dance floor at the Sailing Club, but alas, none of the pics turned out at all … this pic is from the beach frontage of the Club, where the party spilled onto during the course of the night (again, those pics didn’t turn out, sadly!)

Next stop on this expedited march up the Vietnamese coast: Hoi An!  See ya then guys!



  1. Nah Trang is beautiful! Having clothes made in Hoi An? I was told it’s the best to do so in Vietnam. Enjoy!

    • That it is … I didn’t in this past go-around, as these posts are six months on (I know, I’m lazy!). Heading back to the region in five weeks, so getting nice threads for cheap might be on the agenda!

  2. Great photos of Nha Trang! I quite enjoyed my time there. I liked that both locals and tourists enjoyed the beach as opposed to only tourists.

    • Thanks man! The people are friendly too … one of the lady merchants warned me about my Dong (currency, not THAT one :P) lying out in plain view, as they are thieves that steal valuables from unsuspecting tourists!

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