Posted by: James Shannon | December 2, 2011

Nha Trang: The Rainy Day Version

After a rarity on this SE Asian adventure — sleeping on a sleeper bus (!), I awoke, shaken back to consciousness by a transit company employee.  I glanced out my window, as we closed the last kilometres through the Vietnamese countryside towards the glitzy beach city of Nha Trang…

 Rice paddies, mountainous terrain, and moody weather dominate the scene as we make our way towards our ultimate destination … hmm, hopefully the sun will break out soon!

 View of downtown Nhg Trang from the fourth floor of my mini-hotel room ($10 for a double bed with AC and a full ensuite bathroom — told ya Vietnam was ridic cheap!) … I turned in at 9AM to catch the zzz’s that eluded me on the bus, hoping that the sun would burn through while I was slumbering away…

Alas, the clouds persisted through my first day in Nha Trang.  Despite the weather, I set out to the waterfront to get to know the town/beach better…

True to communist form, a sweeping plaza awaited me in the central waterfront area of Nha Trang

 The national flag of Vietnam, looking imposing against grey, dour sky…

 Making our way down to the beach, we can see that driving rain and cool temperatures don’t make for good lounging conditions…

 … and the ocean (on this day at least) doesn’t seem much more appealing either … seems to have alot of surfing potential, as there were decent-sized breakers throughout my entire stay, even on the fair-weather days!

 Came across a rather fancy-looking infinity pool as I walked the beach southwards … shoulda haggled with them to see if they would let me use their pool!

 A ferris wheel, idled on a slow, rainy day, stands in a park in South Nha Trang

 A really cool statue in the same park as the Ferris Wheel

 In another plaza a little further down the beach, a stony tribute to the marine life of the Nha Trang area…

 A cool treat at the end of a long beach hike: mint ice cream with a cookie stick, accompanied by a strawberry milk drink (forget exactly what it was, but it was really tasty!)

 At the end of the day, the clouds finally broke up and the day’s sunset foretold an epic beach day to follow…

… and the beach day in question will be featured … NEXT TIME on the Pursuit of Excitement (don’t hate me, the post was getting too long!  Really, I gotta go to bed! 😛 )



  1. The place looks terrific!

    • Just wait until you see what it looks like when it’s sunny (the next photo essay)!

      • Nice 🙂 I’m looking forward

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